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a fully integrated online business solution

As a business owner you have clear goals and you rely on good strategy. In the fast-paced world of online business you need to work with people you can trust.

Coast Creative specializes in building robust, integrated web business applications built on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform.

we will help get you started

One of the most common questions we receive from business owners is "Where do I start?" A great question. We can help bring your ideas into focus and turn them into a solid online business vision. Here is an overview of the Coast Creative development process:

Business Requirements and Planning

A successful online business starts with a plan. This step is often skipped in the website design process. It shouldn't be, it is absolutely critical. If you want to avoid wasting time and money start here! You're website needs to mesh smoothly with your business needs. We'll help you get it right.

Design and Development

Don't start here! This step should only begin once you have a clear plan in place. When you're ready, we can help you create a visual representation of your business strategy, a website that meets your functional requirements and presents your business to site visitors in the best possible light. We'll help you strike the perfect balance between function and form.

Training and Administration

You are not alone! We realize that doing business online carries with it a whole new set of unfamiliar tools. We can help. We provide all of our clients with written and video based training resources that can be referenced whenever the need arises. We'll make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

Marketing and Measuring

Waiting for results is not a successful online marketing strategy. Creating a marketing strategy is crucial for a traditional business and even more so for an online one. Email campaigns, capturing leads, building links, search engine marketing, organic search engine ranking are all part of the program and we can help you put together an effective recipe for success. Our integrated suite of marketing tools and analytics will help you to reach out to your customers and measure the results!

mission critical support

The Business Catalyst data centers we use to create web businesses for our clients is maintained 24/7 by Adobe's highly skilled engineers and support staff, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and security.

Open source CRM systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. suffer from several problems that constitute a real threat for any online business:

  • Threat: Hackers

    While no website is immune to the threat of hackers, many of the popular open source CRM systems are much more vulnerable than a managed system like Business Catalyst. BC servers are considered Enterprise Class, feature the latest in security measures and are continually updated to prevent unwanted intruders.

  • Threat: Update Incompatibilities

    Open source CRM systems like WordPress rely on plugins that are developed independently of the main software application. Since there is no coordinated effort to maintain plugin compatibility between update releases, situations can arise where you are forced to choose between a security update and plugin compatibility.

  • Threat: Server Downtime

    Let's face it, web hosting can be had for next to nothing, even free. Like most things in life, you get what you don't pay for. Business Catalyst has three Tier 4 Data Centers serving the global community, one in North America (New Jersey, USA), one in Europe (Dublin, Ireland) and one in Asia Pacific (Sydney, Australia). All BC Data Centers feature:

    • Multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stable systems
    • Multiple active power distribution paths to prevent down time from blackouts
    • Redundant components for fault tolerance
    • High connectivity and power into our machines

    All Business Catalyst Data Center facilities are connected to the net via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. BC servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to our servers. And on top of all that BC provides a 99.98% uptime service level agreement.

Coast Creative also offers additional personalized paid support plans which provide responsive, local support for any issues that affect your site.