Email Marketing Done Right

The Business Catalyst integrated email marketing system gives you the power and flexibility you need to provide both one-off and loyalty-based campaigns for your business. Built-in analytics allow you to track, measure and report the results of your campaigns, including any actions taken by the recipient. Pure marketing gold.

10,000 Emails a Month Included

Create unlimited email campaigns and send as many newsletters as you like. The first 10,000 emails are included and extra emails cost only a penny each. Placing your business message directly in your customers inbox has never been easier.

Automate Your Sales Responses

Now you can use a sale or many other customer interactions with your website to trigger emails. Both 'one-off' and series of scheduled messages are supported, with timing that can be customized to suit your needs. Birthdays, anniversarys and other special days can also be leveraged to send out special emails to your customers and keep the relationship alive.

Build Targeted Lists for Maximum Results

By tapping in in to the Business catalyst CRM you can extract precisely targeted email marketing lists. Lists can be based on past orders, web form interactions and responses, site membership and more. You can also create custom lists manually by selecting customers in your database. Lists can also be imported from other applications using the generic CSV spreadsheet format.

Opens, Click-Throughs and So Much More

It's great to know the open rates and click-throughs of your campaign, but it's no longer enough. Business Catalyst tracks the actions taken by your customer and provides you with the information via the campaign summary and generated reports. Now you can finally measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Create Templates - Add Content

You can have your choice of professional templates or custom build template to your exact specifications. Once the templates are created campaigns are as simple as adding content and choosing a list. A simple wizard takes you through the process step by step. Easy, fast and hassle free.