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Introducing Business Catalyst Version 3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The latest update to the Adobe Business Catalyst user interface is a huge win for customers who are using the platform. A lot of care has gone into the redesign. There are many improvements that will save online business owners time and increase their productivity. It provides a solid base for Adobe to build on as they start adding features and functionality to the system over the coming year.

Adobe consulted with developers and web designers as the process unfolded and made people feel like they were a part of the process. As I write this post I can see the Feedback tab that the development team put into the admin to make it easier for developers to submit issues or make requests for changes, evidence of their desire for real input from Business Catalyst users.

In the next few posts I'm going to take a look at the new interface and provide some links to screencast walk-throughs that should help ease the transition for users of Business Catalyst Version 2 and serve as a solid introduction and reference for new users of the platform.

In the meantime, here are some links to screen shots and short explanations for a few areas of the new interface.