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Google's Top Ten Link Building Strategies for Your Website - Part Two

Monday, January 16, 2012

In a previous post, I summarized some of the great information that Google has published about creating more traffic for your website.

Here are the final five suggestions from Google for getting and retaining in-bound links.

Create a Blog: By creating a blog that is integrated into your website, , you can maximize traffic and create content people will want to link to.

Establishing yourself as an authority on a particular subject will greatly improve the chances of other websites linking to your own. Getting people to link to your website requires quality content people are interested in. Honing your blogging skills can be a great way to generate a body of relevant information.

Tutorials and How-Tos: Beyond the informative nature of the blog is the instructive and empowering realm of the tutorial. Giving step-by-step instructions on topics related to your area(s) of expertise is a solid way to get other sites on the web linked to your content. Tutorials can be especially powerful if they include visual guidance and supporting downloads. A great way to manage this type of content is with a 
web application database that allows users to filter and easily select only material they are really interested in.

Services and Widgets: Online widgets or some type of useful service are great tools to get people to add links to your website. Some examples include calculators, color theme composers, product configuration apps and measurement converters. A little out-of-the-box thinking may be required but if you have the skills neede to create them,  it will be well worth the effort as you seek to attract in-bound links.

Site Architecture: This is an obvious, but often overlooked component. Creating a well-designed flow for visitors as they navigate your content can create a positive user interaction that people are eager to share. Make sure you take care of the basics by researching, then providing your visitors with the best possible experience.

Well written, search optimized HTML spiced with some meaningful jQuery and CSS3 interactivity can also help make the trip for your guests worthwhile.

Videos: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Videos not only attract visitors (if they provide interesting and relevant information), they also encourage visitors to stay on your website longer.

There are many ways to integrate video into your business website such as embedded YouTube or Vimeo clips. You can also provide free 'teaser' videos and paid content that is safely protected in a secure zone.

That's it for now. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

Happy linking.