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Business Catalyst's Hidden Shipping Options

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Business Catalyst's  documentation of certain tags and modules can be a little sketchy. For example.
in the Tags Quick Reference  page in the Business Catalyst Knowledge Base the tag_shippingoptions description reads as follows:

List of shipping options. Extend via {tag_shippingoptions,X,Y,Z}. Set X to true to enable country and state dropdowns, for use with the Limit Delivery To feature or state taxes. Set Y to true to enable state tax regardless of customer country (otherwise only for customers in your country). Se Z to 2-letter country code to limit shipping country, e.g. US for United States. Use a semi-colon to add additional countries, e.g US;AU.

Missing from this description are two additional parameters that can be very helpful. Here is the full format for the tag:


As you can see the last two parameters add a true or false value that determines whether or not to apply taxes to shipping and/or gift vouchers.